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LOVE TO LOVE YOU BRADYS: Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen calls their Variety Hour ‘Spectacularly bad’ in new coffee table book

Los Angeles, CA – September 1, 2009 — How does America’s favorite family end up in history’s worst show?

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the debut of The Brady Bunch television sitcom, ECW Press has released LOVE TO LOVE YOU BRADYS which explores how the Brady family weathered a primetime programming disaster.

The book is an insightful and entertaining look back at the Seventies, network television then, and the phenomenally successful Brady Bunch. Via hundreds of never-before-published photos and interviews, it dissects the historical TV debacle: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

LOVE TO LOVE YOU BRADYS also features commentary from over 80 people involved with the show, including cast, crew and production staff. Among these are Brady Bunch sitcom creator Sherwood Schwartz, Variety Hour producers Sid and Marty Krofft and then staff-writer Bruce Vilanch, and Late Show with David Letterman’s Paul Shaffer.

The authors of LOVE TO LOVE YOU BRADYS are Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) the youngest cast member, and pop culture historians Ted Nichelson and Lisa Sutton. The authors are available for interviews, with support from select cast and crew members.
Brady Bunch History: The ABC-TV situation comedy The Brady Bunch, about a very large blended family, aired from September 26, 1969, to March 8, 1974, and was subsequently syndicated around the world. It spawned several sequel series, two features, three TV movies, a touring stage show and countless specials and documentaries.
The Variety Hour: Premiering as a 60-minute ABC-TV special on Nov. 28, 1976, the show spanned eight additional programs which aired from January to May 1977. The cast of The Brady Bunch sitcom starred, singing and dancing above an enormous swimming pool populated by Krofftette Water Follies. The producers were Sid and Marty Krofft

The book website is

TV Guide Names Brady Hour 4th Worst Show of All Time

The Brady Bunch Hour is named by TV Guide as the 4th Worst Show of All Time.

January 23, 1977 – May 25, 1977
The TV family that wouldn’t go away starred in two sitcoms, a quasi drama, a cartoon, a TV-movie and this, the most dumbfounding of all: a variety show featuring the original cast (with the exception of Eve Plumb, always the smart one) in character. Seems architect data Mike had reluctantly given up blueprints to join his family in a musical endeavor-which explained actor Robert Reed’s profound lack of song-and-dance talent. So what was the kids’ excuse? We’ll never know.

TV Guide Page

TV Guide Page

TVGuide Page

The Forman Bunch Variety Show (Spoof)

From That 70’s Show
Air Date: October 10, 2000

Taped:January 18-19, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Cast: Kitty Foreman (Deborah Jo Rupp), Red Foreman (Kurtwood Smith), Eric Foreman (Topher Grace), Laurie Foreman (Lisa Robin Kelley), Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama)
Guests: Shirley Jones, Charo, and Spiro Papadatos as “Gene Simmons”
Also appearing:Van Snowden, The Krofftettes and Water Follies

Amidst family bickering, the Foremans settle down together for an evening of television. Kitty has baked a Bundt Cake, and suggests they watch The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Red snaps back by saying “Who the hell gave those people an entire hour!” Kitty brags that the Guest Stars are Charo and the rock band Kiss. The Foremans then start creating fictional episodes of The Brady Bunch in order to insult each other. Laurie storms out in anger followed by Eric and Steve, and Red leaves shouting “This show is crap!” Kitty then fantasizes about the Foremans having their very own Variety Show!

The Foreman Bunch opens its Variety Hour with a rendition of “I Got the Music In Me.” Eric and Steve inform their mom that they’ve decided to run away from home, Red leaves the stage cheering. In the meantime, Laurie is caught making out with Shields & Yarnell. Kitty wants to know who will take care of the boys and Shirley Jones appears. Eric and Steve reveal their intentions to become part of The Partridge Family, and “nail Susan Dey.” Shirley Jones explains to Kitty that the boys are leaving because she “chose to be a bad mother.” Laurie begs to join too but is rejected by Shirley Jones for being a “whore.” Charo then appears and annoys Kitty with her “hoochie coochie.”

Back in real life, Kitty vows that she won’t let the boys leave home, and laments “this show is crap!”

Later in the episode, a Gene Simmons impersonator has a cameo, and at the end Charo, Gene, and Kitty return to the Variety Hour and sing “Sunrise, Sunset.”

Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour (Spoof)

The Simpson’s Spinoff Showcase and/or
The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour

Air Date:May 11, 1997
Written by David S. Cohen, Dan Greaney, and Steve Tompkins
Directed by Neil Affleck
Featuring the voice of Pamela Hayden as “Lisa”

Webmaster’s Note: Simpsons composer Alf Clausen got his start on television working for Sid & Marty Krofft as a musical director for The Donny and Marie Show. This may partially explain the inspiration for this spoof. The fake “Lisa” is a combination of Geri Reischl, who replaced Eve Plumb as Jan on The Brady Bunch Hour, and the replacement Becky on Roseanne.

Voted the 19th best episode of The Simpsons by Entertainment Weekly – February 7, 2003

simpsons74.JPG (48235 bytes)Troy McClure hosts this special episode of The Simpsons featuring three possible “Simpsons” spinoffs: “Chief Wiggum P.I.”, “The Love-Matic Grandpa”, and “The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour”.

simpsons3.JPG (51101 bytes)McClure is seen walking down a hallway of the “Museum of TV and Television”, on the walls are large posters depicting numerous television shows. He stops at one of these from the 1970’s program “Fish” and proclaims the excitement of the television spinoff. McClure explains that the network had been meeting with Simpsons producers about spinoff ideas to fill vacancies in the programming lineup, thus transplanting already popular characters into new locales and situations.

simpsons11.JPG (50175 bytes)In the final spinoff of the Showcase, McClure explains that “the Simpson family finally gets the chance to show off the full range of their talents. Unfortunately one family member didn’t want that chance and refused to participate. But thanks to some creative casting, you won’t even notice.” (Note: Obvious reference to Eve Plumb.)

simpsons12.JPG (58561 bytes)”Live from Radio City Music Room in downtown Springfield, it’s ‘The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour!’ Featuring the Waylon Smithers Dancers and the Springfield Baggy-Pants Players…and now, a family that doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘cancelled’, the Simpsons!” (Note: Obvious reference to The Brady Bunch, “The family that won’t go away”.)

simpsons22.JPG (56046 bytes)The Simpson family runs onstage, wearing coordinated 70s-era outfits, and sing “Come Along and Bring the Family.” The opening number is interrupted when Homer turns up missing, but he is soon found curled up in the orchestra pit hiding from the “special ghost”. Marge explains that their special GUEST is Tim Conway, who then walks in to shake hands with Homer.

simpsons36.JPG (51711 bytes)As the stage splits apart into three sections, Homer and Marge stand on the center piece as it rolls forward. Marge explains that the family has been busy as beavers getting the show ready, and Homer wonders what it would be like if the family really were beavers. (Note: Viewers will notice a spoof on a caricature regularly seen on the old Sonny & Cher Show.)

simpsons38.JPG (54425 bytes)Marge and Homer are then seen living in a beaver dam and wearing beaver costumes. Lots of beaver jokes with much canned laughter. Homer comes home from his work nibbling down trees. Marge prepares his favorite for dinner- (wooden) “stakes”. Bart enters and makes a bad beaver joke- “Hey, could you two close the dam door?”. The fake-Lisa notes Maggie has grown her first tooth, a buck tooth. The doorbell rings, it is Tim Conway dressed in a skunk costume. Everyone faints. (Note: In The Brady Bunch Hour, guest stars would often make their first appearance at the Brady’s home by ringing the doorbell.)

simpsons50.JPG (54448 bytes)The next sketch involves a 1950’s soda shop. (Note: A 1950’s sketch also appeared in the Pilot episode of The Brady Bunch Hour.) Marge asks Homer what is still pure and good about the world, he replies “Candy!”. The orchestra then begins to play the music number “I Want Candy!”.

simpsons56.JPG (58378 bytes) This segues into “The Peppermint Twist” where Bart, “Lisa”, and Maggie and dance on huge pieces of peppermint candy. Jasper appears and sings the 1960’s “Lollipop Song” and accidentally launches his dentures into the air while trying to make that finger popping sound inside his mouth. Waylon Smithers then performs a rendition of Devo’s “Whip It” while dressed as a cowboy and uses his whip to pop a bubble Selma is blowing. This leads into a big dancing finale and reprise of “I Want Candy!”. At the conclusion, the family pants from exhaustion.

simpsons70.JPG (51257 bytes)Hans Moleman, of Hans’ Poetry Corner, then appears a recites a strange poem about his cataracts. Conway appears again in his skunk costume and says “And they thought I stunk”.

simpsons72.JPG (55500 bytes)The Simpsons then address the studio audience from an enormous bed, Tim Conway surprises them by appearing from under the covers. They say goodnight and everyone but Conway engages in a pillow fight.

Episode 8

This Episode Guide written by Tony Hill (used by permission)
Air Date:May 25, 1977
Taped:April 5-6, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:Paul Williams, Lynn Anderson, Rip Taylor
Also appearing:Steve Bluestein, The Krofftettes and Water Follies

Opening number, “I Got Love” (Geld/Udell) (all)

The Bradys discuss the impact of love.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “We Got Us” (Marks) (all)

Merrill engages in banter with Peter, covering some seriously corny jokes.

Musical number, “Me and My Shadow” (Jolson/Rose/Dreyer) (Peter and Merrill)

(Commercial break)

Jan gives a glowing, raving, personally ambitious introduction of Lynn Anderson. Greg warns her she’s probably making Lynn nervous. Jan says “here’s a singer who’s not too bad.”

Musical number, “Right Time of the Night” (McCann) (Lynn Anderson)

Jan and Greg introduce the following sketch.

Merrill begs Alice for a date. She acquiesces. Alice is upset because she dusted the top of the mantle because she thought Esther Williams, not Paul, was coming over. Greg wants to pitch songs to Paul much to Marcia’s consternation. Paul shows up. He’s struck by Carol and says she’s even prettier in person than on TV. He declares his love for her. The kids are agitated.

(Commercial break)

Peter does the bumper.

(Commercial break)

Mike introduces the following sketch:

Mike confronts Paul about his profession of love for Carol. Cindy asks Paul why he loves Carol. Paul says Carol’s a foxy lady. Mike, becoming restless, says he knew himself that when he married Carol. Paul suggests he (Paul) and Carol could get married in the swimming pool on the show. He offers Carol a piece of jewelry which belonged to his grandmother, another foxy lady. Carol takes it. Paul leaves. Mike says Paul is a lunatic. Lynn Anderson shows up. Jan is agog and hounds her for autographs. Lynn tells Mike and Carol that she just met Paul Williams outside and that he told her he loves her. Lynn shows them a piece of his grandmother’s jewelry that Paul gave her.

Dissolve to:

Peter is already in the pool so Greg cannot push him in, Greg convinces Peter to come out. Peter introduces Paul Williams while joking with Greg about Paul’s diminutive stature. Paul pushes Peter into the pool and then Greg. He introduces himself as the “big” and multi-talented Paul Williams.

Musical number, “The Hell of It” (Williams) (Paul Williams)

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “Born to Say Goodbye” (Gordon) (Carol and her disembodied head)

(Note: Florence Henderson’s contemporaneous recording of this song is available on “The Brady Bunch” CD on MCA. Also, another song about goodbye since this was the last show.)

Dissolve to:

Paul Williams introduces a sketch about “The Columbus Bunch” – history’s answer to “The Brady Bunch.” The Bunch lives in 15th century Genoa. Mike sets out to prove the world is round. Merill is hysterical as the King of Spain, Alice plays the Queen.

(Commercial break)


“Music Music Music” (Weiss/Baum) (Mike & Carol)
“What Have They Done to My Song, Ma” (Safka) (Marcia)
“The Sweetest Sounds” (Rodgers) (Carol)
“Music Is My Life” (Gordon) (Greg)
“Hey Mr. Melody” (Yancy/Jackson) (Jan)
“The Music Goes Round and Round” (Hodgson/Riley/Farley) (Alice & Merrill)
“An Old Fashioned Love Song” (Williams) (Paul Williams)
“Piano Man” (Joel) (Brady Kids)
“I Believe in Music” (Davis) (all)

(Commercial break)

The Bradys say goodnight. Carol imitates Porky Pig and says “D-D-D-D-D That’s All Folks!” (And, as it would turn out, goodbye.)

The Bradys sing “United We Stand” (Hiller/Simmons)

Episode 7

Air Date:April 25, 1977
Taped:March 29-30, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:The What’s Happenin’ Kids, Rip Taylor, Rick Dees
Also appearing:Patty Maloney, Mike Kagen, Bruce Vilanch

Opening number, “Get Ready” (Robinson) (all)

Greeting sketch in which the Bradys decribe the Water Follies and Krofftettes- who they are and what they do. The guests are introduced.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “Walk Right In” (Cannon/Woods) (Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Marcia)

Curtain closes. Mike and Carol look through her old high school year book. The two wonder how it is different for the Brady kids going to school at the ABC television studio.

Dissolve to:

The Brady kids lament on how much they hate school, especially at the studio. Merrill enters ringing a school bell, he is their substitute teacher. Bobby teases him. The What’s Happenin’ kids show up because their classroom is closed for the week. They join the Brady kids. A studio guard enters carrying a very angry woman he believes to be a Brady child, instead it turns out to be a little person (midget) and the mother of four children. Cindy assures the guard she is not a child but an actress by the name of Patty Maloney. Peter invites the What’s Happenin’ kids to be on the Brady Bunch Hour. Bobby says for them to come over to the Brady house to discuss the details. Rerun asks what’s for dinner and Dee makes some sarcastic jokes about his weight. Merrill begins teaching a lesson about Lana Turner.

(Commercial break)

Greg says someone else besides him is going to sing (the audience applauds). After fighting with the audience, Greg tells them to shut up. He introduces Alice. No one applauds. Greg says they can clap now. Much applause.

Musical number, “Thank God I’m A Country Girl (Boy)” (Denver) (Alice and characters from the world of Sid & Marty Krofft).

Alice says that when she took the job on this show, she said she wouldn’t sing. Now having tried it, she finds it to be fun. Alice then invites the audience to see what took place when the What’s Happenin’ kids showed up at the Brady house.

Dissolve to:

Peter asks everyone if they have any ideas about what to do on the show. They all try to decide what famous character they want to be. Cindy wants to be Snow White and have the others be the Seven Dwarfs. Dee says “Good luck passing off Rerun as a dwarf.” Jan says they should drink an imaginary potion to become their fantasy character. Rerun says “I’ll drink it!”, Dee replies with “That figures.” Rerun pretends to drink the potion and becomes Muhammed Ali, Dee says maybe he should be the Astrodome. Rerun then decides to be OJ Simpson and starts leaping over the furniture. Jan becomes Julie Andrews, Bobby says he thought she was Jerry Lewis. Dewayne then becomes Muhammed Ali. Roger wants to be Pat Boone. Peter dives off the sofa and says he’s a Water Folly. Dewayne asks what that is. Dee says “Something that rolls around on the floor and acts DUMB.” When Bobby asks Dee what she wants to be, she asks if she can be head of the network. When the reply is yes, she says, “Good, because you’re all cancelled!” Roger becomes “Reverend Ike”, Cindy is Mary Tyler Moore, Peter is the Six Million Dollar Man.

Bobby and Dee sit on the sofa doing nothing. Mike and Carol enter and ask what is going on. Jan reports they have asked the What’s Happenin’ kids to be on the show, Mike becomes nervous and says he’ll drive the kids home because it is getting late. Cindy asks if she can go, Dee replies “You could if Fred (Rerun) wasn’t going, he takes up half the back seat.” When they are alone, Carol tells the Brady kids that their friends can’t be on the show this week because the guests have already been booked. She chooses Peter to break the bad news.

(Commercial break)

Marcia and Carol welcome every one back for the second half of the show. Marcia says it will be much better than the first half, which was “depressing”. Carol feels sorry for Peter who had to tell the What’s Happenin’ kids they couldn’t be on the show and invites everyone to see what happened.

Dissolve to:

Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy are dreading their meeting with the What’s Happenin’ kids. Peter can’t decide how to tell them they won’t be on the show. Alice comments about the depressing atmosphere. The kids arrive and demonstrate some humorous imitations of the Bradys they would like to do on the show, Peter then explains that they can’t do them. Roger, Dee, Dewayne and Rerun are upset at the news and get up to leave the house. Peter panics and says he’ll find a way to get them on the show.

Filled with sudden inspiration, and a bright idea, Peter displays an evil smirk.

Dissolve to:

Greg asks Peter if he wants to be pushed in the pool before or after he introduces Rick Dees. Peter says he is not being pushed in the pool, and calls in the What’s Happenin’ kids. Peter says they can be on the show by being pushed in the pool instead of him. Dee is not amused and neither are the others. They gang up on Peter and push him in. Greg laughs. They all introduce Rick Dees.

Musical number, “Dis-Gorilla” (Dees) (Rick Dees)

(Commercial break)

Skit involving the Grand Opening of “Merrilino’s House of Perfect Pizza”. Bobby is working for Mr. Merrill and asks him when he will be able to play the piano. Several customers arrive, including Mike & Carol. Mike notes that Bobby is dressed as a waitor, Carol is annoyed and reminds Merrill they are there to watch Bobby play not watch him serve pizza. Merrill introduces “Bobby Pepperoni” the piano player. Two more customers arrive, a very big man and a very tiny woman. Merill makes a scarcastic remark and is kicked in the ankle.

The two customers talk extremely loud, Carol asks Merill to have them be quiet. Merill is afraid of the guy and refuses. The man yells insults at Bobby, Carol asks Mike to do something about it. Mike is also afraid. More insults are hurled at Bobby. Carol stands up to the two and tells them off. The guy approaches Mike and threatens him. A pizza is dropped in Carol’s lap, Carol smashes a pizzza into the guys chest. Mike smashes another pizza over his head, and the bully begins to cry. Carol notes that he is a big coward, Mike claims that he merely met his match.

The rest of the Brady kids show up, Merill yells at them for being late. A trashy-looking man dressed in leather tells the Bradys to shut up so he can hear the piano player, Mike gets up to confront him. The guy busts the table in half and says “shut-up” again. Mike cowers back to the Brady table and notes the guy wants to hear Bobby play. Bobby is featured playing the end of Maple Leaf Rag by Joplin. Much applause.

Dissolve to:

Musical Number, “This Masquerade” (Russell) (Carol)

(Commercial break)

Carol tells Mike that the kids are saving their energy for the Finale about “Disco Songs” so it is up to the two of them to make the introduction. Mike says they do not have more energy than the kids, Carol replies that since they have six children the kids must think they’re bionic.

“Turn the Beat Around” (Jackson/Jackson) (Jan et al)
“Those Were the Days” (Raskin) (Mike & Carol)
“Enjoy Yourself With Me” (Gamble/Huff) (Greg)
“Disco Duck” (Dees) (Rick Dees)
“Tangerine” (Mercer/Schertzinger) (Alice & Merrill)
“Dancing Machine” (Davis/Fletcher/Parks) (What’s Happenin’ Kids)
“Disco Lucy- ‘I Love Lucy Theme'” (Daniel/Adamson) (Bradys)
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” (Sayer/Poncia) (all)

Carol says there is a man holding a card up saying that it is the end of another show. Peter asks why he gets pushed in the pool every week, Greg says because the man holding up the cue cards says to do it. Marcia warns them that the man is holding up another card. Jans notes that it says “Thank the chests??” (idiot) Mike says it is “Thank the guests”. Bobby says to thank John Stearwald for holding up the cards.

The Bradys sing “United We Stand.” (Hiller/Simmons)

Episode 6

Air Date:April 4, 1977
Taped:March 15-16, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:Redd Foxx, Robert Heyges, the Ohio Players
Also appearing:Sharon Baird and the characters from the World of Sid & Marty Krofft

Opening number, “Celebrate” (Gordon/Bonner) (all)

Greeting sketch in which the Bradys celebrate the start of Spring. Redd Foxx shows up and explains he’ll be observing the show to get ideas for his own variety program on the ABC network.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “If My Friends Could See Me Now” (Coleman/Fields) (all)

Dissolve to:

Alice and Merrill discuss Spring, and how Marcia met a new “young dude”. Redd Foxx comes in and tells them to let the audience see what happened.

Dissolve to:

Cindy and Bobby are coming home from roller skating, Cindy is furious with Bobby for screwing up her date with a boy at school and when Bobby says “It was nothing!” Cindy yells “YOU’RE NOTHING!” Bobby thinks the guy is a creep. Cindy calls Bobby a “dumbo” for ruining things. Mike explains to Bobby that Cindy is upset because she’s turning into a woman. Carol reflects that only yesterday she was explaining to Cindy the bumps in her Barbie doll. Alice comes home and avoids saying where she’s been, Merrill rings the doorbell because Alice forgot her purse. Peter, Mike, and Carol suspect some kind of romance is going on, although Alice denies it. Greg and Jan then return. Jan is angry because she doesn’t have a boyfriend and Greg has to drive her home.

Marcia arrives and introduces someone, a 70’s pothead by the name of Winston Beaumont, and announces they are engaged to be married.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “Southern Nights” (Toussaint) (Jan, Greg, Marcia)

Dissolve to:

Cindy asks Peter if she is pretty, and Peter responds in the affirmative taking special note of her eyes. Peter tells Cindy she’s turning into a woman because she doesn’t make any sense. Cindy takes note of the turkey Marcia brought home, Redd Foxx enters and asks who’s she calling a turkey. Redd explains that he’s just observing. Cindy asks him why the USA has never had a black president, Redd explains that the father of the country was black and what white person would name their child George Washington? Peter asks who would name their kid Winston Beaumont? Redd asks what ever happened to that freak? Peter invites everyone to see what happened.

Dissolve to:

Mike and Carol converse with Marcia and Winston about their plans to get married. Mike asks if they can talk with Marcia alone and Winston leaves for the evening. Mike and Carol forbid Marcia to marry Winston, Marcia becomes defiant and asserts that “I’ll marry him whether you like it or not!” (gasps from the studio audience).

Dissolve to:

The next morning, Mike and Carol are eating breakfast. Alice says Winston can’t be that bad and suggests they give him a second look, Carol then makes some suggestive comments about Alice and Merrill. Merrill barges in and professes his love for Alice in a melodramatic manner, Alice insists there is nothing between the two of them. Merrill is humiliated and rushes out. Alice notes what if that were Marcia rushing out so upset, Mike and Carol then agree to give Winston a second chance. Merrill pokes his head through the kitchen window and asks if it worked. Mike and Carol then realize that Alice and Merrill have been putting on an act that will convince them to reconsider Marcia’s engagement.

(Commerical break)

Mike and Carol welcome everyone to the second half the show. Mike scolds those who are just tuning in for being a half-hour late. They review the situation with Marcia. Redd Foxx appears and says that Winston could be worse. Carol explains that they agreed to meet Winston again and to invites the audience to see what happened next.

Dissolve to:

Winston is out on the beach with Peter. Marcia is looking for him in the house. The other Brady kids profess their dislike for Winston. Peter and Winston return, Winston has been telling Peter all sorts of things about baseball and he is very impressed. Marcia suspects that something strange is going on and asks Winston to talk with her out on the patio. Marcia confronts Winston with how he has been contradicting himself and calls him a fake. She notes that everyone who talks to him is right about everything. Winston admits that he says and does whatever is necessary for people to like him. Marcia gently calls off the engagement and asks him to call her when he figures out who he is.

Dissolve to:

Peter begs Greg to push him in the pool. Greg refuses. Peter starts screaming to be pushed into the pool. Greg refuses again. Peter becomes desperate and Greg pushes him into the pool. Then Redd Foxx comes out and pushes Greg into the pool. Redd introduces The Ohio Players.

Musical number, “Fire” (The Ohio Players)

(commercial break)

Musical number, “How Lucky Can You Get” (Ebb/Kander) (Carol)

Dissolve to:

Redd Foxx explains in an extended monologue why he would never be able to have his own variety show.

Dissolve to:

Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, and Peter introduce the Finale about Spring. They are all holding flowers, Greg complains that he has only one carnation and Marcia has a whole bunch of roses. Peter says all he has is an onion, Carol explains that it’s a flower bulb.

“Singing In the Rain” (Brown/Freed) (Instrumental/Krofftette Dancers)
“April Showers” (De Sylva/Silvers) (Mike and Carol)
“I Never Promised You A Rose Garden” (South/Harris) (Jan)
“Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year” (Loesser) (Carol)
“Paper Roses” (Spielman/Torre) (Marcia and the Brady Kids)
“Tip Toe Through the Tulips” (Burke/Dubin) (Alice and Merrill)
“Stop and Smell the Roses” (Davis/Severinsen) (Greg)
“I Hear Laughter in the Rain” (Sedaka) (all)

(Commercial break)

Carol is glad are things are back to normal, Mike asks Marcia how it feels to be single again. Greg and Peter thank themselves for being the guests. Mike is annoyed and thanks the real guests. Bobby thanks Knuckles Nunzzio. Bobby explains he was offered a dollar to say his name on the air, Carol leads the entire family in saying his name and asks Knuckle for eight dollars.

The Bradys say goodnight.

The Bradys sing “United We Stand” (Hiller/Simmons)

Susan Olsen inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977

The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Susan Olsen - 16 Magazine

Susan may be the youngest Brady (“Cindy”) but she sure isn’t a baby anymore! This lovely, blonde teenager is quick, bright, and has a terrific sense of humor. Susan spent the last three years in public school in California. When the original Brady show was over, Susan’s mother suggested that she go to a private school- she was concerned about Susan’s ability to adjust to the social pressures of public school and she was equally concerned about the students’ reactions to celebrity Susan! But Susan would have no part of a private or a professional children’s school! Says Susan, “It was really strange. I had always gone back to public schools during the Brady Bunch hiatus, but it was grade school. And here I was in junior high, full time, and it was like I had to take a crash course in what kids were like and how to get them to like me- and how to get them to accept me as part of them.” Well accept her they did! Susan says that some of her friends can’t believe that she’s the star they see on television- after all, Susan’s so normal and everything!

“Everything” includes things like Susan’s fave hobby, horseback riding- so goes out every chance she gets. She also loves spending her free time listening to Emerson, Lake & Palmer and watching reruns of The Brady Bunch and Saturday Night Live. Her favorite color is pink and as far as food-faves go, she’ll eat anything- so long as it’s sweet! Susan’s a very pretty, pert 5’2″ tall and weighs 108 lbs, but the guys will have to wait a little longer for this charmer, because she can’t start dating (except in groups) until she’s 16! But leave it to Susan to see the bright side of that rule- “So far it’s been pretty good…and a great excuse for some of the not-so-nice guys who’ve asked me out. I’ll be 40 and saying, ‘No, no, I can’t date. My mom won’t let me!” Highly unlikely, but until then, Susan is concentrating on her work.

She was glad to see all the Bradys again-just like old times. “We went right back to the same old ‘inside’ jokes- Florence still saying ‘Gotta go now, my boat’s double-docked!’ But there was no ‘Remember when we did such and such’…it was nice and it seemed like the most natural thing.” Susan was a bit more nervous about her voice- she hadn’t done any serious singing for some time. But as it turned out, there was no need to worry – her singing and dancing were super! One day Donny Osmond reminded her of the hard work she was getting back into (Donny and the Bradys share a lot of the same production people, so they see each other often), and Susan answered, “I like to work hard when I feel I’m really accomplishing something. I don’t like to work hard in school!”

Susan hated algebra and never did well in French. One of her secret desires is to go back to her old grade school French teacher and show her the “A” she just got in Spanish! Bet you’ve had that feeling once or twice too!

Mike Lookinland inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977

The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Mike Lookinland - 16 Magazine

Mike (“Bobby Brady”) and Susan Olsen were always scene stealers on the old Brady show – not intentionally, mind you, but they were so young and cute and adorable that it just happened naturally. And although everyone on The Brady Bunch Variety Hour special was superb in performance and appearance, Mike managed to steal the scene again! The first person you noticed in the group was Mike, cos he looked so different! Mike’s terrific new curly hair style is very different from the way you were use to seeing it before- straight and then a bit wavy as he got older. His hair’s a few shades lighter, too! Mike really looks like a Brady son now, since all the other guys, including dad Robert Reed, have exactly the same hair-do!

Speaking of family, 16-year-old Mike has been spending lots of time with his-they’re a very close-knit and religious family (Mormon, like Donny & Marie). There’s mom, Karen Lookinland, sister Therese (an actress) and brother Todd (also an actor), and Mike’s dad- who just happens to be the principal of Mike’s high school! Talk about togetherness! Mike has had to take an awful lot of ribbing from the kids at school on two counts- first cos of his dad, and second, cos of his acting career. He’s managed to take it all in stride, tho- he’s a very well adjusted young man!

Since the start of production on the new Brady variety series, Mike has been doing less skate boarding, surfing, and swimming. Most of his energy is taken up by his work-and Mike’s loving every minute of it! He’s thrilled to be singing again! Mike would love nothing better than to have a full-fledged singing career. So far, he’s sure heading in the right direction!