The Simpson’s Spinoff Showcase and/or
The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour

Air Date:May 11, 1997
Written by David S. Cohen, Dan Greaney, and Steve Tompkins
Directed by Neil Affleck
Featuring the voice of Pamela Hayden as “Lisa”

Webmaster’s Note: Simpsons composer Alf Clausen got his start on television working for Sid & Marty Krofft as a musical director for The Donny and Marie Show. This may partially explain the inspiration for this spoof. The fake “Lisa” is a combination of Geri Reischl, who replaced Eve Plumb as Jan on The Brady Bunch Hour, and the replacement Becky on Roseanne.

Voted the 19th best episode of The Simpsons by Entertainment Weekly – February 7, 2003

simpsons74.JPG (48235 bytes)Troy McClure hosts this special episode of The Simpsons featuring three possible “Simpsons” spinoffs: “Chief Wiggum P.I.”, “The Love-Matic Grandpa”, and “The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour”.

simpsons3.JPG (51101 bytes)McClure is seen walking down a hallway of the “Museum of TV and Television”, on the walls are large posters depicting numerous television shows. He stops at one of these from the 1970’s program “Fish” and proclaims the excitement of the television spinoff. McClure explains that the network had been meeting with Simpsons producers about spinoff ideas to fill vacancies in the programming lineup, thus transplanting already popular characters into new locales and situations.

simpsons11.JPG (50175 bytes)In the final spinoff of the Showcase, McClure explains that “the Simpson family finally gets the chance to show off the full range of their talents. Unfortunately one family member didn’t want that chance and refused to participate. But thanks to some creative casting, you won’t even notice.” (Note: Obvious reference to Eve Plumb.)

simpsons12.JPG (58561 bytes)”Live from Radio City Music Room in downtown Springfield, it’s ‘The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour!’ Featuring the Waylon Smithers Dancers and the Springfield Baggy-Pants Players…and now, a family that doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘cancelled’, the Simpsons!” (Note: Obvious reference to The Brady Bunch, “The family that won’t go away”.)

simpsons22.JPG (56046 bytes)The Simpson family runs onstage, wearing coordinated 70s-era outfits, and sing “Come Along and Bring the Family.” The opening number is interrupted when Homer turns up missing, but he is soon found curled up in the orchestra pit hiding from the “special ghost”. Marge explains that their special GUEST is Tim Conway, who then walks in to shake hands with Homer.

simpsons36.JPG (51711 bytes)As the stage splits apart into three sections, Homer and Marge stand on the center piece as it rolls forward. Marge explains that the family has been busy as beavers getting the show ready, and Homer wonders what it would be like if the family really were beavers. (Note: Viewers will notice a spoof on a caricature regularly seen on the old Sonny & Cher Show.)

simpsons38.JPG (54425 bytes)Marge and Homer are then seen living in a beaver dam and wearing beaver costumes. Lots of beaver jokes with much canned laughter. Homer comes home from his work nibbling down trees. Marge prepares his favorite for dinner- (wooden) “stakes”. Bart enters and makes a bad beaver joke- “Hey, could you two close the dam door?”. The fake-Lisa notes Maggie has grown her first tooth, a buck tooth. The doorbell rings, it is Tim Conway dressed in a skunk costume. Everyone faints. (Note: In The Brady Bunch Hour, guest stars would often make their first appearance at the Brady’s home by ringing the doorbell.)

simpsons50.JPG (54448 bytes)The next sketch involves a 1950’s soda shop. (Note: A 1950’s sketch also appeared in the Pilot episode of The Brady Bunch Hour.) Marge asks Homer what is still pure and good about the world, he replies “Candy!”. The orchestra then begins to play the music number “I Want Candy!”.

simpsons56.JPG (58378 bytes) This segues into “The Peppermint Twist” where Bart, “Lisa”, and Maggie and dance on huge pieces of peppermint candy. Jasper appears and sings the 1960’s “Lollipop Song” and accidentally launches his dentures into the air while trying to make that finger popping sound inside his mouth. Waylon Smithers then performs a rendition of Devo’s “Whip It” while dressed as a cowboy and uses his whip to pop a bubble Selma is blowing. This leads into a big dancing finale and reprise of “I Want Candy!”. At the conclusion, the family pants from exhaustion.

simpsons70.JPG (51257 bytes)Hans Moleman, of Hans’ Poetry Corner, then appears a recites a strange poem about his cataracts. Conway appears again in his skunk costume and says “And they thought I stunk”.

simpsons72.JPG (55500 bytes)The Simpsons then address the studio audience from an enormous bed, Tim Conway surprises them by appearing from under the covers. They say goodnight and everyone but Conway engages in a pillow fight.