Episode 8

This Episode Guide written by Tony Hill (used by permission)
Air Date:May 25, 1977
Taped:April 5-6, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:Paul Williams, Lynn Anderson, Rip Taylor
Also appearing:Steve Bluestein, The Krofftettes and Water Follies

Opening number, “I Got Love” (Geld/Udell) (all)

The Bradys discuss the impact of love.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “We Got Us” (Marks) (all)

Merrill engages in banter with Peter, covering some seriously corny jokes.

Musical number, “Me and My Shadow” (Jolson/Rose/Dreyer) (Peter and Merrill)

(Commercial break)

Jan gives a glowing, raving, personally ambitious introduction of Lynn Anderson. Greg warns her she’s probably making Lynn nervous. Jan says “here’s a singer who’s not too bad.”

Musical number, “Right Time of the Night” (McCann) (Lynn Anderson)

Jan and Greg introduce the following sketch.

Merrill begs Alice for a date. She acquiesces. Alice is upset because she dusted the top of the mantle because she thought Esther Williams, not Paul, was coming over. Greg wants to pitch songs to Paul much to Marcia’s consternation. Paul shows up. He’s struck by Carol and says she’s even prettier in person than on TV. He declares his love for her. The kids are agitated.

(Commercial break)

Peter does the bumper.

(Commercial break)

Mike introduces the following sketch:

Mike confronts Paul about his profession of love for Carol. Cindy asks Paul why he loves Carol. Paul says Carol’s a foxy lady. Mike, becoming restless, says he knew himself that when he married Carol. Paul suggests he (Paul) and Carol could get married in the swimming pool on the show. He offers Carol a piece of jewelry which belonged to his grandmother, another foxy lady. Carol takes it. Paul leaves. Mike says Paul is a lunatic. Lynn Anderson shows up. Jan is agog and hounds her for autographs. Lynn tells Mike and Carol that she just met Paul Williams outside and that he told her he loves her. Lynn shows them a piece of his grandmother’s jewelry that Paul gave her.

Dissolve to:

Peter is already in the pool so Greg cannot push him in, Greg convinces Peter to come out. Peter introduces Paul Williams while joking with Greg about Paul’s diminutive stature. Paul pushes Peter into the pool and then Greg. He introduces himself as the “big” and multi-talented Paul Williams.

Musical number, “The Hell of It” (Williams) (Paul Williams)

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “Born to Say Goodbye” (Gordon) (Carol and her disembodied head)

(Note: Florence Henderson’s contemporaneous recording of this song is available on “The Brady Bunch” CD on MCA. Also, another song about goodbye since this was the last show.)

Dissolve to:

Paul Williams introduces a sketch about “The Columbus Bunch” – history’s answer to “The Brady Bunch.” The Bunch lives in 15th century Genoa. Mike sets out to prove the world is round. Merill is hysterical as the King of Spain, Alice plays the Queen.

(Commercial break)


“Music Music Music” (Weiss/Baum) (Mike & Carol)
“What Have They Done to My Song, Ma” (Safka) (Marcia)
“The Sweetest Sounds” (Rodgers) (Carol)
“Music Is My Life” (Gordon) (Greg)
“Hey Mr. Melody” (Yancy/Jackson) (Jan)
“The Music Goes Round and Round” (Hodgson/Riley/Farley) (Alice & Merrill)
“An Old Fashioned Love Song” (Williams) (Paul Williams)
“Piano Man” (Joel) (Brady Kids)
“I Believe in Music” (Davis) (all)

(Commercial break)

The Bradys say goodnight. Carol imitates Porky Pig and says “D-D-D-D-D That’s All Folks!” (And, as it would turn out, goodbye.)

The Bradys sing “United We Stand” (Hiller/Simmons)