Episode 2

This Episode Guide written by Tony Hill (used by permission)

Air Date:February 27, 1977
Taped:February 17-18, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:Milton Berle, Rip Taylor, Tina Turner
Also appearing:Van Snowden, Larry Larson, Pat Reimer, The Krofftettes and Water Follies

Opening number, “Hooray for Hollywood” (Mercer/Whiting) (all)

Greeting sketch in which Bobby complains that the show’s comedy stinks.

(Commercial break)

Musical Number, “Make ‘Em Laugh” (Brown/Freed) (Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter)

Alice & Merrill tell some very bad jokes.

Musical number, Reprise of “Make ‘Em Laugh” (Brown/Freed) (Alice, Merrill)

(Commerical break)

Musical number, “Sing” (Raposo) (Colette the Puppet, Peter)

Dissolve to:

Bobby laments Peter’s singing and the family’s lack of comedy. He then mashes a cream pie into his own face and introduces the following sketch:

Alice and Merrill play with the CB radio. Bobby complains that the show isn’t funny. Alice has reservations about the show’s humor. Mike and Carol and Alice step out to the beach. Bobby hears Milton Berle hamming it up on the CB radio. Merrill talks to Berle using the handle “Blond Bombshell” and warns Bobby he’ll smack him if he tells anyone. Bobby asks Berle to be on the show. Berle is excited and says he’ll be right over.

(Commercial break)

Berle does the bumper.

(Commerical break)

Merrill introduces the next sketch:

The kids wait for Berle to arrive. Berle shows up. The kids explain they have a show on ABC. Mike and Carol come in and are surprised to find “Uncle Miltie” in their living room. Berle agrees to write for the show. The family agrees to take Berle on. Berle gets to work on the script. He coaches the family on their vocal performances.

Dissolve to:

Berle introduces the opening to the “All-New Milton Berle Brady Bunch Hour.” The family reprises “Hooray for Hollywood.” They next perform a lame comedy sketch. The family protests. Anyone who says “makeup” gets hit in the face with a powder puff. Berle decides the act isn’t working.

(Commerical break)

Greg decides not to push Peter into the pool. Peter sees Greg coming and jumps in anyway. Greg introduces Tina Turner.

Musical number, “Rubber Band Man.” (Creed/Bell) (Tina Turner)

Dissolve to:

Mike tells the audience how bad the show was under Berle. He introduces this sketch:

Mike tells Bobby to fire Berle. Berle shows up. Everyone but Bobby and Berle leaves. Bobby tells Berle his humor doesn’t fit the Bradys. Berle says they’re giving him the pink slip. Bobby deadpans that they’re giving him all the costumes back. Berle praises Bobby and the Bradys. Berle leaves. He laments his dismissal and returns the door with cigarettes stuck up his nose.

Dissolve to:

Musical number, “Evergreen” (Williams/Streisand) (Carol)

(Commerical break)

Peter introduces the finale:

“Catch a Falling Star” (Vance/Pockriss) (Carol & Mike)
“You Don’t Have to Be a Star” (Dean/Glover) (Jan & Greg)
“You Are My Lucky Star” (Brown/Freed) (Carol)
“Everybody Is a Star” (Stewart) (all)
“Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes” (Willet) (Berle, Carol, and Tina Turner)
“Good Morning Starshine” (Rado/Ragni/MacDermott) (all)
“Shining Star” (White/Bailey/Dunn) (Greg et al)

(Commercial break) a promo for “The Brady Bunch Hour” #3 ran during this break

The Bradys say goodnight. Carol thanks the audience for demanding the special episode coming up the following Friday.

The Bradys sing “United We Stand” (Hiller/Simmons)