The Donny & Marie Show

Air Date:October 8, 1976
Taped: September 23-24, 1976 at KTLA Studios
Guest Stars: Ruth Buzzi, Chad Everett, Florence Henderson, Mike Lookinland, Patty Maloney, Maureen McCormick, Susan Olsen, Greg Rice, John Rice
Synopsis: This was the genesis of The Brady Hour. The Brady’s guest starred on The Donny and Marie Show (another Sid and Marty Krofft variety show), and the idea was born.

Synopsis of scenes featuring Brady cast:

Florence Henderson is introduced, she tells Marie that “us country girls have to stick together” and reminds the audience of her childhood on an Indiana farm. Donny, Marie, and Florence then sing a medly of country songs including favorites such as Don’t Fence Me In, I’m an Old Cowhand From the Rio Grande, She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain, On Top of Old Smokey, and You are My Sunshine.

Dissolve to: a parody of the 1970’s soap opera “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”.

Wholesome Playhouse presents another episode of : “Marie Heartburn, Marie Heartburn”

Marie is seen chatting on the telephone. She hangs up, exclaiming, “That was the best wrong number I ever had.” The doorbell rings. It is Chad Everett. Marie recognizes him as a doctor on TV, Chad explains that he is no longer practicing since the malpractice lawsuit. Instead of taking out a boy’s tonsils, he performed a Hammond Organ transplant. He laments that the parents had no sense of humor and leaves.

(doorbell rings) Marie: I wonder who that could be. (opens door)

Marie: Florence Henderson! Wow! And The Brady Bunch! Come in!

Florence: Marie, we can’t stay, we’re just passing through the neighborhood collecting old clothes to give to the Waltons.

Marie: Well, surely you have time for a cold drink. Florence: What do you have? Marie: A wide assortment! Any kind of milk you want! Any kind! White, chocolate, low fat, gold, and not to be sold after April 10.

Susan: I don’t want any milk! Maureen: Me neither! Florence: Girls!

Marie: How have you been…Bobby? Bobby mouths the words “okay” but all that comes out is the sound of an organ. Marie: What was that?? Florence: He’s been that way ever since he had his tonsils out. Some crazy doctor gave him a Hammond Organ transplant.

Maureen: But the good news is that we found a replacement for Greg. Florence: Yes Greg left us and moved to Milwaukee. Marie: He’s gone to college? Maureen: No, he’s trying to get a date with Laverne & Shirley.

Susan: We’ve been trying to find a teenage boy to replace him. Florence: We had to have someone wholesome enought to fit our wholesome image. (doorbell rings) That must be him now!

Donny: Hi. (Marie shields her face) Marie: Would you mind not smiling so brightly? Wow! He looks so familiar! Donny: Well maybe that’s because I’ve had previous experience with a large family. Marie: Don’t tell me. Let me guess. The Partridge Family? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? The Jackson Five? Florence: Marie, I’m sorry but we have to keep his identity a secret. You understand. Donny: Hey, we’d better hurry. They’re having a sale on mom’s apple pie down at the store. Bradys: LET’S GO!! Marie: Thanks for stopping by. Florence: Anytime. Bye-bye. Hope you get well soon.

The theme of the musical finale for this episode is “Renaissance Fair”

Florence sings “Have I Spent Too Long at the Fair”

Susan, Michael, and Maureen sing “We Open In Venice” (Cole Porter) and dance themselves into exhaustion.